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The Daily Pig - The Rubber Piggy's newsjournal's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Daily Pig - The Rubber Piggy's newsjournal

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[03 Jun 2002|08:49pm]
Heheh, monkeys.
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[20 May 2002|07:51pm]


Screens from the new party game with Zim in it. Looks....different. Actually, to be honest, it looks like another Mario Party rip-off, but we'll just have to wait and see. If nothing else, it has MALLET WIELDING ZIM in it, so...maybe that will provide some amusement.
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[12 May 2002|05:18pm]

Just thought I'd mention, GIR has the new Zim comic by Jhonen himself, from Nickelodeon Magazine. It is dripping with goodness. You will go read it.
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Zim's gonna be in a videogame!! [24 Apr 2002|07:10pm]


Zim - invading your video game systems.
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[23 Apr 2002|11:37pm]

http://www.tendogamers.com/news.shtml#newsitemEpEAVZFApysUqIjsKT :o I wonder if this would be true...
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[12 Apr 2002|03:52pm]

New Zim tonight: Abducted/Chickenfoot. From what I hear, the aliens in 'Abducted' are the ones from Squee...Steve says they've lost their wheelchairs, though. Should be quite interesting. I'm going to watch this one VERY closely; since they put aliens from Squee in it, they might've snuck in some other references to Squee or JtHM. Those are always cool to notice. Anyway, watch and be merry, then drop by the #rubberpiggy and chat away.


People usually show up later in the day and stay until the wee hours of the morning, so come on by.
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NEW ZIM HURRAY [05 Apr 2002|02:36pm]

New Zim tonight. Watch it or I'll get the FLESH EATING BEANS out.
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For great justic-- err, ratings. [29 Mar 2002|04:47pm]
[ mood | awaiting ]

New Zim episode at 9:00 EST tonight. Everyone be there. From what I've heard, it's the infamous Door To Door/FBI Warning episode, except crappily edited. Damn you, Nickelodeon!

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[26 Jul 2001|04:00pm]


That's a link to a bid on an IZ shirt signed by Jhonen himself. And yes, that is real, they were giving them away a while back on Nick.Com.

You know you want it.
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[24 Jul 2001|09:01pm]

Invader ZIM Soundtrack CD

Scroll down a bit to where it talks about Invader ZIM. At the very bottom of the Zim section it mentions an upcoming Invader ZIM soundtrack CD. Sweet, no?

Also, here's an interesting little find for you:
Thanks to my friend HeadPunchyOfHate for pointing that out. The person running this auction claims this to be an official shirt, but it's not available at Hot Topic (not yet). If anyone has any further information on this please reply. In any case, from what I saw it's a pretty decent looking shirt, and doesn't look like it's a case of stolen fanart or anything like that.
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Remember to watch! [18 Mar 2002|08:00pm]

New episode of Zim this Friday! Watch or be subjected to the horrors of...stuff.

*runs away to make a more dangerous-sounding threat*
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[02 Mar 2002|03:24am]

From: Rhonda Watkins <rwatkins@hottopic.com>

Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 07:49:19 -0800
To: "'cammi@schroe.org'" <cammi@schroe.org>
Subject: RE: Hats


Perhaps. This has been a strong character for us, so there is a possibility of bringing in such a hat. I will make sure the internet store gets it, if we do.


-----Original Message-----
From: cammi@schroe.org [mailto:cammi@schroe.org]
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2002 2:20 AM
To: rwatkins@hottopic.com
Subject: Hats

Email Address: cammi@schroe.org
Regarding: Hats
Message: Any plans for Invader ZIM bucket hats? just wondering.
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[01 Mar 2002|01:53pm]

'Nother new Hot Topic shirt! And it has GIR on it. Again. But that's okay. We lerv GIR!

I say they need to make Dib and Tallests shirts. Or a Ms. Bitter's shirt!
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[22 Feb 2002|03:02pm]

Zim plushie now at Hot Topic.... but it looks kinda deformed o.o;;;
GIR plushie
GIR robot

I wish the manufacturers spent more time on them. XP; maybe they look better in the flesh-er, plush. That was cheesy.
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[21 Feb 2002|09:30pm]

http://yourmom.dhs.org/zim/ has "Battle of the Planets" up for download. Beware the painfully slow download speeds. >_< *has cable modem and it's downloading at 0.3kb/s*
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[20 Feb 2002|03:24pm]

Yes. If the below rumour happens, then Jhonen probably won't be in for it... can't say for sure, though. But already he's back on the road going to comic cons and starting to make new comic book series... so... *shrugs* keep in mind this isn't official information. Just thoughts based on different articles and rumors :P

Anyways, rumours of a new Hot Topic shirt are floating around... apparently there's a new design out, with GIR riding on the giant pig with the phrase "Ride the pig!" on the bottom. If it's true and if I find a pic I'll post it on here.
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[19 Feb 2002|07:41pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

Before I post this, I want to warn you to take this entire thing with a grain of salt. Or better yet, take it with an entire shaker thereof. All the same, because I think this would be of interest to you all, I'll post it. There are many things which directly contradict this statement, so I don't know what to think. And remember that even if this is true, Jhonen will most likely NOT be along for the ride.

With that said, here's the information:

...And in other TV News, Glitch Tybalt writes: "Working for Hot Topic has its benefits. We recieved an e-mail saying that Invader Zim will not be cancelled after all. It seems that it was getting no ratings whatsoever, because they kept changing the time slot for it. Once they had decided to cancell it, they left it in one slot to finish playing the remaining episodes out. Then, since everyone could figure out when it was on, it got great reviews. (plus, the Schweet Schwag has started selling like crazy)the Invader Zim petition must have been pretty convincing as well. I guess one of them stopped to read it before wiping his ass. Maybe there's hope for a megaconglomo like Nikelodeon after all..."

Source: http://slashdot.org/articles/02/02/17/221241.shtml?tid=167

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Nightmare Nny Spotted in Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom [19 Feb 2002|06:25pm]


The red arrow points to the Nightmare version of Nny (the black creature with purple eyes), who makes an appearance in Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom. Look for him in the scene when Nightmare Bitters is about to open the portal in Dib's brain to the outside world.
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[17 Feb 2002|05:13pm]

[ mood | glee! ]

Bunnyofdoom.org sent an e-mail to Jhonen, and he replied. This squashes a buncha rumours, and other happy tidbits. Yippee!

OK....figured I'd surface after checking things out here recently. There's some fucked up people with some pretty twisted ideas about what I'm doing and such, so here's some rumor control.

1. ZIM IS so very cancelled. With the Christmas episode included, there will be 27 episodes in total. The idea of another network picking it up is unlikely. Anything's possible but I have no say in any of that as the network owns the show completely. In just such a magical world where ZIM starts up production again, it would not be with my supervision.

2. Episode 26 was going to be the cutoff point for everyone, with the skeleton crew leaving the studio after all parts of it were done. The Christmas episode was my idea, sick glutton for punishment that I am, and it means hanging around the studio a bit longer. It's not a pretty thought, but I can't help but want to end things on a cooler note. The board artists I wanted back are the best of the best and they love the show, so it won't be shit. It should be one of the coolest things ever. The same goes for the episodes we're finishing up now. They're better than anything that has been shown thus far.

3. I am NOT working on JTHM right now. People who want to see me doing only Johnny for the rest of my life can go choke on their own lack of variety and die politely. I've had ideas for Johnny stuff for awhile, but these are floating in a miasma of other, quite pushy ideas in my head. Don't fear the unknown, poops.

4. The old website is back on track, though it's almost as involved as a book project. There is much work to be done on it, but really my main goal with it right now is to get the news and updates section up and running. I'm doing designs and story work on the page, so it'll be a bit before you see it. (Yes...the website itself is sort of a story thing...you'll see). I've got one of ZIM's 3-d artists rendering out my drawings for the interface, so it should look interesting. No URL just yet.

5. Working on two book projects simultaneously. One is an untitled, experimental thing I've started with Brad Canby, an old friend of mine. He's illustrating sections from a series of notebooks I've kept since highschool. Very short stories, or even just sentences. Surreal stuff mostly. It should be a hardbound, rather claustrophobic affair, with mostly artwork by Brad, and cover design, and text by me. The desired effect is a nasty headache. Coming in the future.

The other project is more traditional, and all mine. It's called Saturday Morning Nightmare. I'm aiming for four issues of this comic. It is entirely unrelated to JTHM, SQUEE!, or I Feel Sick. Parts black and white, parts color. Rikki Simons will likely be helping out on most of the color work. I'd do it myself, but there isn't enough time in the universe. Besides...RIkki is color master. There'll be more details on the website.

6. I am currently doing a single page comic for Shannon Wheeler's TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN magazine. I am drawing a fat man.

7. Also working on a 4 page ZIM comic for NICK magazine. Surely they will love it.

8. I think people are getting so much stupider.

9. I like ROOM with a MOOSE, so shut up.

10. If they would just stop making video games, I could live a happier life. I cannot stop playing them. I need help.

thanks you...


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[11 Feb 2002|04:31pm]

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